Stop! Collaborate and listen.

Group Collaboration:
Let’s take you day by day.

Friday: Isabelle send out an email (1st collaboration tool) to the group, outlining our activities and my first thought was, can we finish this week first. Ha!
Saturday/Sunday: Danny responds and let’s us know that he has taken Isabelle’s notes and his notes and placed them in our 2nd collaboration tool, Titanpad.
Monday/Tuesday: I jumped on Titanpad and inserted my thoughts.  Up to this point we have primarily been using e-mail to communicate. Everyone continued making edits to the content in Titanpad.
Wednesday: We agreed to video conference on Skype (3rd collaboration tool). We had some technical difficulties, as Danny and I were able to video conference but Isabelle was limited to chat. We finalized our gameplan and agreed to video conference again on Thursday. Isabelle created a Google Docs powerpoint (4th collaboration tool) for us to insert our presentation slides.
Thursday: We had trouble connecting via Skype but eventually, Amy & Danny were able to video conference while Isabelle and I were limited to audio. While on Skype, we were also on Google Docs making edits to our presentation. We geeked out over how cool this was!
Friday: Once everyone gave the final OK on their slides, I uploaded them to VoiceThread (5th collaboration tool) and everyone inserted their comments on their own time. I recorded and edited my comments with ScreenFlow. Danny used his iPhone.

VoiceThread Experience:
VoiceThread played such a minor role in our collaborative efforts that I am not even sure it warrants reflection. Our group was very impressed with the collaboration tools (email, Titanpad, Skype & Google Docs) we used and how we were able to, simultaneously, chat and edit our presentation. At this point, VoiceThread took up but an hour of my time. For next weeks module, I imagine VoiceThread serving a greater value, but at this point all it consisted of was uploading a photo, uploading a presentation and then uploading my comment for my slides.

VoiceThread in My Presentation/Professional Life:
It’s the comments that makes VoiceThread a useful tool. Without the comments, all it is a YouTube channel or The commenting allows for a social experience with presentations. Slidehare and YouTube also allows for commenting, the only difference is that you can comment with audio or video on VoiceThread.

I can see our faculty members and students using this product as it is relatively easy to use but the problem is that you have to use other tools prior to using VoiceThread. If VoiceThread offered presentation creation, online video conferencing and online collaboration, then I can see VoiceThread being useful but b/c our group spent a majority of its time with other collaboration tools, I don’t see VoiceThread being a useful tool.


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